Financing with Floor Plan Software

Free up Cash Flow, & become more Efficient & Profitable with our Floor Plan Software

With Floor Plan Software, it doesn't matter what the inventory item your business is financing, be it cars or trucks, spare parts or office equipment - there are dealers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers alike that are looking to become more efficient in their inventory management processes. Windward Software provides the floor planning finance solution to allow that efficiency in your business. Floor plan financing software can be monumental in helping floorplan lenders manage their inventory more effectively and efficiently.

Floor plan financing can be viewed like a revolving line of credit that allows a borrower to obtain financing for inventory items. Typically the loan is made against the specific inventory item at hand, (i.e. equipment, vehicles, parts, etc.). Once the inventory item is sold by the dealer, the loan then needs to be repaid to the supplier accordingly.

Therefore, Floor Planning financing allows businesses to borrow against some of their inventory items. As mentioned, you must repay the financier as you sell the inventory. Windward Software's Floor Planning financing will allow you to make logical and data backed lending decisions, as you become more profitable, free up cash flow and consequently allow your business to more efficiently disseminate information to and from suppliers and financiers.


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increase sales View total payment values for all payments listed.
coupons, discounts, bargains Finance items from one company and make payables to a financier to then pay the company on your behalf.
coupons, discounts, bargains Set the dates for when to you want to make payments by choosing the bill due dates.
coupons, discounts, bargains View what items have been sold vs. what's paid or unpaid and left in stock.
coupons, discounts, bargains Sort payables by suppliers.
Secure Payment Processing Easily add new and existing floor planning stock items.
Product Images Floor planning allows you to stock expensive items, thus increasing sellability vs. consumers viewing catalogues. Simplify your consumers experience.
Product Images Financing can increase your working capital. It's a source of a new credit line without affecting existing credit lines.
Product Images Competitive financing rates through financiers makes it affordable.
Product Images Windward Software provides tracking, monitoring, control and much more for all the benefits that can be captured by floor plan financing.
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