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With the appropriate level of security, the user can view your cost and profit margin before applying a discount.

increase sales

Send invoices directly to customers via e-mail or fax

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Tendering with a foreign currency is supported

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Have the system Auto Number Purchase Orders for you.

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Optional interface to credit card verification software

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Send special orders directly to the purchase order module so they will not be forgotten

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Track service technician time spent versus time billed and print productivity reports

Customers and Invoices

Add new customers on the fly. When creating an invoice for a new customer, you can click on the new customer button to create the customer right then and there. This is great for warranty purposes or just to increase your mailing list.

Normally, you'll be searching for an existing customer. To do this, just start typing the customer name and it should appear. If you have several customers starting with the same letters, you can click on the find customer button to search for a customer using the customer search screen as used in all other areas of the program.

In addition, you can edit the existing customer if you need to update the address or phone number, etc., or be able to view their purchase history to help with the current sale. For example, if they want to buy a vacuum cleaner bag and you need to know which model they purchased, you can easily access this history.

Invoice Printing

Windward includes a graphical form designer that allows you to design your invoices, purchase orders, checks and other documents. You can use the mouse to drag items around the invoice and drop them where you would like them printed. You can include logos and pictures to make your invoices look more professional. The benefit is that you can print your invoices on blank paper and still have them look great, but you can print on preprinted forms too and just fill in the blanks. The above invoice is just a quick sample of one way to design an invoice, but you can build your own. Of course, our trainers and support people will help you with this task if you need it. Once the form is setup, you can just print over and over and over.

Ship Partial Orders

It is very important that whenever inventory leaves the store in a customer’s possession that an invoice be created, either cash or on account. Windward supports tagging and moving the shipped item from a work order, onto a final invoice when you need to make partial deliveries.

Invoice Profitability and Discounting

When negotiating with a customer, it's important to know your profitability before you agree to the discount. If you have the correct security level, it's easy to check on your costs and profit margin. If yo then agree to a discount, you can either discount a single line or the invoice as a whole.

To make discounting easy, if you agree to a final price after taxes, you can enter that value and the system will calculate the sub total so that the after tax price is correct.

Another important aspect to discounting an entire invoice is that each line is proportionally discounted instead of taking the discount all of one line. For example, if you were selling Boxsprings and Mattresses and only discounted the Mattresses, the reports at the end of the month may suggest you sell more Boxsprings and fewer Mattresses, which would be the wrong answer.


Windward allows you to enter estimates using the customer and inventory items on file. Estimates will have no effect on the inventory on-hand, customer balances or the profit and loss statement. However, when the customer decides to make the purchase, you can convert the estimate into an invoice or work order without having to reenter all the data.

Editing, Fixing and Reprinting Invoices

You can re-print any invoice or docket in the system, even one that is several years old. This is especially handy for customer's that have warranty claims but have lost their invoices, as you won't have to spend days searching though old invoice files. To find an invoice for re-printing, you can search by the invoice number, customer name or phone number, customer's purchase order number, invoice date, or even the item or serial number.

Work Orders and Pick Lists

If you are in the service business, you can create work orders while the work is in progress. As the work is completed, the work orders are updated so when the customer arrives, it is simply converted into an invoice, without reentering the data. Similarly, you can enter large customer orders and print a pick slip sorted by location. When the order is ready to go, just convert the work order into an invoice.

You can accept deposits on work orders, and the system will show the correct balance due when the customer returns to pay. As work orders are entered, the inventory values are immediately updated, however, the customer balance and ledger values remain unchanged until the work order is finally invoiced.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

Windward includes great support for RMA, both those being returned to you from your customers and those going from you to your supplier. The RMAs are tracked and reported until they are completely dealt with.