Need to specify item-specific options? Use Windward Software's Modifiers option

Modifiers Overview
Modifiers are used to configure an inventory item so when you sell it you can specify item-specific options (for example, a 2-seat or 3-seat couch, it's color and type of wood trim or various cell phone/air time plans). Modifiers must be enable in the Setup Wizard before you can configure them for an inventory item that you can then sell.

You can have additional costs associated with specific options and specific options can have their own part number. You can link inventory items that have the same modifier options so if you need to change an option you do so once and it applies to all linked items. (Use caution when linking items; the only way to break the link is to delete linked inventory items and re-create them).You can also copy modifier configurations from another item which then appends that configuration to the current item (you can also modify appended configurations).


Modifiers are commonly used for parts such as furniture that you may stock a demonstrator model of, but you would special order the exact item with the options the customer specifies. Modifiers are useful for items that you manufacture. It is also commonly used for cell phone/air time packages.

There are two types of modifier options:
•Integrated Selection - these items are contained within the item on the invoice. The descriptions show as comments and the cost and retail prices are included in the line Price and Retail Price.
•Non Integrated Selection - these items show as separate items on the invoice along with any associated charges. There must be actual parts created for these items.