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Sales Opportunity management is a vitally important aspect of running your business. Being able to accurately identify, document and analyze different opportunities can significantly help you determine which opportunities are ready to be closed or simply the different propel stages they are in. Windward Software allows you to set up your own sales process milestones that make sense to your business. This helps sales reps to visualize the steps that are commonly required to be checked off in order to advance the sales process.

By dividing your unique sales funnel into different stages from first contact to sale, you can then relate a probability percentage to each stage and an overall sales process percentage as well.

Windward Software's CRM's sales opportunity tracking option will provide you with the tools to record and manage details relative to opportunities. Our dashboard and reporting technology will simplify your ability to make quick assessments of what is in your sales pipeline to and what is deemed to close for sale for optimal opportunity management.


Your Benefits

increase sales

Track all sales opportunities from start to finish in your sales funnel

increase sales

TCreate better visibility on opportuntities for sales stages, sales rep associated with accounts, next propel steps and closing dates and much more

increase sales

Record opportunity specific notes on each opportunity in regards to competition faced and other 'passion points'

increase sales

Organize your sales stages and probability percentages of winning deals

increase sales

Utilize the sales pipeline and sales processes to identify and eliminate common bottlenecks



opportunity actions


Windward Software's opportunity tracker lets your sales representatives specify valuable information such as the deal size, estimated closing date, sales milestone stages and other relevant information. This information can be used for reporting and provides assistance in reminding sales reps of the opportunity as it moves through your personally designed sales process. Additionally, this feature will provide information on your sales pipeline reporting.

You can run reports to keep track of all your potential opportunities. Keeping your tasks up to date is important, as things can often fall through the cracks and become neglected. Looking at your accounts that you may be closing or neglected can help you keep on top of these items. This allows a sales person stay on top of their prospects as well as allowing an owner to keep a finger on the pulse of the total sales pipeline that is being worked on. You can even run reports on those opportunities that were lost for further clarification and analysis.

The bottom line is that your business' bottom line is important. Therefore, all efforts that are put forward to succeed in completing a sale will not come to fruition if your customers that show potential to close are not being appropriately handled and catered to. Clearly it is vital to be able to have visibility on your sales opportunities in order to properly manage them through your sales funnel.

Windward Software's opportunity tracking software allows your business and team to finally control your day-to-day activities to efficiently monitor all sales opportunities; thus creating a stronger abillity to convert opportunities to revenues. Start improving your customer relationships and build rapport by being proactive and staying on top of hot leads.

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