Sell Through Allowance Tracking - Manufacturer Rebates

Windward Software provides the ability to track your Sell Through Allowance Rebates

Sell Through Allowance Tracking can be a critical component to your store, as increasing sales is a key function of any promotion. Windward Software allows you to easily manage the reimbursement of Sell Through Allowances (manufacturer rebates). Sell Through Allowances are rebates that the manufacturer gives the retailer on specific products after they have been sold. Essentially they are subsidies or rebates from suppliers to dealers to compensate for retail discounts to help be maintain price competition. The sale of these products must be accounted for and reported to the manufacturer appropriately. Windward Software offers functionality to properly track, record and report on Sell Through item rebates through their Sell Through Allowance Tracking features.

To help you, we have gained insights from of our clients and have highlighted the benefits of using our STA Module.

sell through allowance tracking rebates

increase sales Allow Sales people to include Sell Through Allowance Tracking in Invoice costs and Margins
coupons, discounts, bargains Default Clearing Account - You should first create an asset account in the general ledge to post the Sell Through Allowance Tracking items to this account for efficient calculations (taxes, etc.) and billing processes.
coupons, discounts, bargains Manufacturer Billing Methods - Windward Software offers 5 different and unique methods to set up billing for your Sell Through Allowance Tracking items within your store.
coupons, discounts, bargains Lookup Words - During the set up of Sell Through Allowance Tracking you have the ability to enter Lookup words that will automatically be assigned to the Sell Through Allowance billing invoices when created. This gives you the ability to run A/R aging reports filtered by the lookup word to isolate just the Sell Through Allowance Tracking related billing invoices that are outstanding.
Secure Payment Processing Privilege rights to allow sales people to view costs and margins and if you want them to view the rebate on the invoice itself.
Product Images Set up billing methods that work for your business needs and for reporting purposes.
Product Images Specify what taxes to include on Sell Through Allownace items.
Product Images View active and inactive sell through allowances set up.
Product Images View sell through allowance items that are billed and not billed with invoice dates, numbers, the customer, quantity and amounts.
Product Images Ability to view the rebate amount and profitiablity at the point of sale.
Product Images Set up sell through parameters on retail discount costs $ or percentages %.
Product Images Send billed invoices via PDF email or print and fax.
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