Serial Number Tracking

Windward Software can help you with your Serial Number Tracking

For some businesses, inventory control needs to be more detailed and thorough when reviewing stock levels. Some businesses require serialized inventory for tracking their own items, managing product warranties, tracking repairs (see part number tracking), reducing fraud and much more. If you develop your own products and need to tag and track them, or you're reselling a product that requires serialized management control, Windward Software can help you.

Using the Windward Software, you can track serial numbers on the receiving stock side and the selling side of your business. You can flag items in the system to use serial number tracking with. When you do this, you must enter the serial numbers of the items as you receive the stock, and also when you sell the items. The system will be able to tell you for each serialized item when you purchased it, who you got it from, the purchase order number it came in on, who you sold it to, the invoice number, the date of sale, how much you paid for it, and how much you sold it for. This kind of history is invaluable if you must return the item on warranty.

Also of note is that you can sell the item on the invoice without the serial number, and then go back and add the serial number later, once the item has been picked from the warehouse and delivered to the customer. No more crawling over boxes, trying to match a particular serial number to an invoice!

serial number tracking control inventory for better and more efficient and effective management of products


Serial Number Tracking

coupons, discounts, bargains Windward Software allows you to automatically generate serial numbers for inventory when receiving stock, as well as barcodes.
coupons, discounts, bargains Enter a prefix if desired for all serial numbers created. This eight digit prefix can be modified at any time and serial numbers created from that time forward have the new prefix.
coupons, discounts, bargains Select the number of digits you wish to left-pad the serial number assignments with.
coupons, discounts, bargains Use numeric or alpha-numerica numbers.
Secure Payment Processing Show Serial numbers on invoice.
Secure Payment Processing Assign Serial Numbers when selling and add serial numbers on the fly.
Secure Payment Processing Auto select the first serial number in inventory.
Secure Payment Processing One main option is the ability to enter the number of items to be sold on the invoice before you have selected the serial numbers. Some businesses prefer to have the system force the quantity sold to match the number of serial numbers added to the Invoice line. This ensures that the serial numbers are always entered and reduces the opportunity for human error.
Secure Payment Processing The serial numbers retain all the history, including which purchase order they were received on and which invoice they were sold on. You can then link to the Accounts Payable bill to get the bill number, supplier and date. From the invoice, you can get the invoice number, date, customer name, selling price.
improve iventory control Windward Software allows you to attach a barcode to each serial numbered inventory item.
manage inventory more effectively Selling Serialized Inventory in Standalone LAN mode is possible.
serialization serializing numbers search control improve management of products in stock to better serve and meet your customers needs inventory control can be easy, fast, and efficent - process improvements for sales and services with our inventory record features and functionality