Windward Software & Service Bench Integration

Windward Software's has a Unique Integration with the Service Bench Technology to Simplify Your Business Needs

Service Bench integration lets you upload service bench trouble codes and automate your warranty process. The Service Bench integration is an advanced option to more efficiently track your repairs and warranties. Service Bench was developed to help their clients deliver best-in-class service to their customers, and so Windward Software has followed suit to maintain this level of high customer service through integration with service bench technology.

This integration will allow your business to get more jobs and achieve higher profits with the efficiency of service bench integration. The Service Bench integration offers updates for your Windward Software back office business management system, while continually allowing you to ensure efficient operations - while increasing your profitability.

service bench integration


increase sales Create a customer record for your Service Bench supplier. Manage different service bench account numbers.
coupons, discounts, bargains Enter service bench dealer location numbers for convenience.
coupons, discounts, bargains Use invoice free form comments to control, track and monitor specific service bench aspects (e.g. authority #, service agreement #, date requested, date completed, defect code, etc.).
coupons, discounts, bargains Import information to Windward Software (xml or csv files)
Secure Payment Processing Export information from Windward Software to Service Bench (xml or csv files)
Product Images Note: you will need to have an active Service Bench account to be able to use this feature.
Product Images Add service performed comments to the technician comment or item comment for further details to be included.

Windward Software is continuously innovating to meet all of their custuomers needs. Windward Software is so flexible it has the ability to adapt and integrate with many different software additions. Windward Software's soft switches allow for integration, flexibility and scalability for all of your business needs; however unique and specific they may be.

If you're looking for an innovative software solution to run your business to it's full efficient capacity, then you are on the rigth path. Speak with a Windward Software representative (contact us) today to learn about how we can help you save money, run your business more efficiently and get you back to enjoying the life you want as a successful entrepreneur! Because here at Windward Software "We help you run your business, instead of just reporting on it."