Special Orders

Special Orders, also known as Tag Orders, can be entered from the Work Order. If you try to sell at item that is not in stock, the system will prompt you with a pop up window and ask you if you need to special order the item.

By placing the item on special order, the system will ensure that you do not forget to order it. And when you do order it, you just "drag" it onto the purchase order without needing to retype anything.

When the item arrives and you are adding it to stock, the system will remind you of the special orders to ensure you set them aside and not sell them to others. In addition, you can print the shipping labels during the add stock procedure and attach it to the box right away, before you forget.

The special order features allow you to avoid the embarassment of forgetting to order and the added benefit of being easily able to keep the customer informed of delays with the special order delivery dates.

The Special Orders feature in Windward Software's provides a method of ordering stock for a specific customer. It can be used to bring in items not normally kept stock or to order items in specific sizes, colors or styles. You can special order any part that is not currently in stock or you can enter an ordered quantity on the invoice line and set the quantity to zero, then special order the required size, color or style as required.

The special order method literally assigns the parts on the purchase order to the invoice line item, therefore until the specific purchase order is received, the special order cannot be filled. Note that the recommended method to order regular stock is to use back orders. With back orders, customer orders are filled the next time the part is received, which is much faster if the part is already on order.