Superseding Parts

Have a part that's no longer available? Manage your alternate parts with Windward Software

The Superseding Parts feature provides you with the ability to see related parts that are considered to be preceding, equivalent or superseding parts of the selected part. The Superseding Parts feature functions as an option of inventory control and works with all existing inventory control features including serial numbers and the Virtual Warehouse Inventory database. This feature integrates with the inventory, invoicing, and purchasing modules.

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Superseding Parts

It is common for manufactures to produce a new model of the same product every year or renumber their parts for various internal reasons. Typically each year the supplier provides a user with an electronic new parts listing. The user can load this part listing into the Virtual Warehouse Inventory database with precedent part numbers identified.

A manufacture's listing of parts may contain 50,000 parts but the user may only order a few hundred of these over the year. By having a system that identifies the parts from previous years, the current year and next year, a user can ensure the movement and sale of obsolete or old merchandise. In addition when this type of information is available in the purchasing module a user can take advantage of discontinued stock buys and ensure that purchases are limited to current or future model year parts.

The Superseding Parts feature can also be used to link very similar parts. For example a customer wants a specific part but you have none in stock. The system can display similar parts that are in stock. The customer may be willing to accept the slightly different version.

coupons, discounts, bargains Dealing with obsolete or discontinued inventory - To help ensure the sale of obsolete or discontinued inventory, System Five provides both forward and backward supersession. For example, part number "A" was superseded by part number "B" and part number "B" was then superseded by part number "C." If a customer requested part number "B", System Five automatically checks the inventory available for the older part number "A." If stock is still available for part number '"A", System Five prompts the clerk to sell the older inventory. System Five also makes the clerk aware that the newer part number "C" replaces part number "B." In each case, System Five checks not only for newer replacements but also older equivalents of any part number within in the defined supersession.
coupons, discounts, bargains Providing automated substitution - The feature could also be used to provide a list of possible substitutions for any given Part. If you have equivalent parts from more than one supplier that are interchangeable, then a supersession list could be created to display the equivalent parts when any one of the parts in the supersession list is requested.
coupons, discounts, bargains Superseding Parts provide a great deal of control.
coupons, discounts, bargains Allow Sales Clerks to instantly identify preceding, equivalent and superseding parts in stock and, when possible, sell the customer the oldest parts in stock or offer substitutions if the originally requested part is not in stock.
Secure Payment Processing Purchasers can set up the preceding, equivalent and superseding part numbers for each part and perform Data Load functions. When creating a Purchase Order, they can determine precedent part numbers so that they order the correct parts for your companies requirements.