Windward Software's Touchscreen Functionality to Speed up Checkout time!

Windward Software offers support for touchscreen enabled terminals through user-definable panels and floating windows. Touchscreen functionality is commonly used in order to simplify the Quick Cash interface at point of sale and therefore may not support certain point of sale features or advanced navigation. However, this touchscreen can fully customizable to fit your business needs accordingly to whatever makes sense to have immediately available at the touch of your finger.

With Windward Software you can create either a global (system wide) or local (i.e. this workstation only) display button layout so that certain key features are displayed in an evidently obvious fasion. Windward Software's touchscreen technology allows you to have the features readily available at your finger tips, literally.



Using touchscreen technology will help you to check through customers quicker and more accurately. Again, this feature is is fully customizable!

For ease of use, you don't necessarily have to acquire a touchscreen terminal. The touchscreen functionality can be used by clicking through with your mouse as well - again this may be purposeful for your business to speed up check outs without investing in additional touchscreen hardware.

Note: The Touch Screen interface requires additional screen real estate so the minimum supported screen resolution is 1024 x 768.

touchscreen setup