Unit Number Tracking

Tracking Unit Numbers has never been easier with Windward Software

Windward Software's unit number tracking can track an entire piece of working equipment instead of just the parts. When you purchase a new unit, it will go into inventory as being owned by you and you capitalize the cost. If you add value to the item before selling it to the customer. When you sell a unit to a customer, the ownership record changes, but the purchase and service history stays with the unit. As service work is done over the years, each service ticket is entered against both the customer that is paying the bill and the unit being serviced. This allows you to track each piece of equipment a company may own.

Service is important. By tracking all the service calls, you can quickly identify repeat problems, and if so, know that you are treating the symptoms instead of the root cause. On the other hand, customers may complain that you performed the same service several times, but you can quickly track if those service calls were to the same or different units.

On the unit record, you can also store information critical to the unit such as other consumables that the customer may order on a regular basis. This can ensure you deliver the right goods and improve the quality of your customer service.

Windward Software's unit number tracking feature will help your business to perform more efficiently, reduce operating costs through increased productivity and thus boost profitability.

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Unit Number Tracking

The unit feature allows you to tag work orders and invoices not just to the customer, but also to the unit that the work is being done to. This will allow you to print a full service history for a given unit over time. The benefit here is if the customer claims the work was already done, you can review your records to see if the same work was actually done twice to the same unit or if it was to two different but similar units. As well, if the same repair is done to the same unit, it could indicate a different problem causing the failure to begin with.
coupons, discounts, bargains Units or whole goods can be owned by your company as inventory and then sold to the customer, and even transferred from customer to customer.
coupons, discounts, bargains Units can also be items that are owned by customers that your company services and can track.
coupons, discounts, bargains Ability to edit the particular unit if information needs to be changed.
coupons, discounts, bargains You can use Units on Invoices.
Secure Payment Processing You may want to force Unit information to be entered on Work Orders.
Secure Payment Processing You have the ability to specify the unit type (i.e. normal, vehicle, heavy equipment, appliance, office equipment, power tools, hearth, etc.).
Secure Payment Processing Reporting - you can filter the Unit List report by Main Categories and Sub categories.
Secure Payment Processing Customize the unit list reporting columns. Numerous options such as: year, make, model, serial #, added date, km's, litres, inventory part, status, free form comments and much more.
Secure Payment Processing Capitalization - Units that are considered as part of your inventory can have other existing inventory attached or included with them.
Secure Payment Processing Ability to sell units with trade-ins.
Secure Payment Processing Service and track information based on customer units.
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